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The Challenge

Hotels are constantly struggling to find effective means to control costs while maximizing the guest experience.  Minute changes to room service menus or welcome packages in addition to the frequent replacement of printed materials incur costly printing costs each time they are stained or damaged.  Daily housekeeping in a room adds a substantial layer of costs – both in labour, laundry as well as restocking of consumables such as toiletries. Every time a guest cancels housekeeping – a substantial saving is achieved.

Reaching out to guests to notify them promotions can also be challenging.  For example, if the hotel restaurant is empty, or going to offer a one-time special buffet, how does the hotel cost effectively notify the guest and then have the flexibility to change or retract the offer within a few days?  How can they reach guests to come downstairs for 2 for 1 appetisers when the hotel bar is unexpectedly empty?

The Solution

The Guest Connect software is an interactive, application which replaces the traditional guest welcome pack with up-to-date, live destination information. Guest Connect enables guests to purchase in-room dining, shop for products both internally and externally to the hotel, book spa treatments, interact with hotel staff and access local information.  Content is controlled through a cloud-based management system, which allows content changes to be made instantly by the hotel and enables two-way messaging with guests.  Hotels can inform guests regarding hotel amenities as well as instantaneously offer promotions to its hotel guests.  A dedicated cancel housekeeping button increases overall postponed housekeeping rates – thereby decreasing costs.  The platform offers an additional means for guests to order room service – increasing room service order frequencies and easing time consuming staffing/guest interaction.   The platform is designed to answer as many questions that the guest may have – reducing time front desk staff spends answering common questions.


Guest Access

Touch of a Button

Give your guests direct access to all of your hotels services and offers, right from the tablet in their room.



Services Plus

Provide a purchase incentive to your guests with spa treatment booking and easy room service ordering on the touch screen.



Multiple Options

Several Options are available – delivered through the existing guest room television, an in room Tablet, or downloadable to the Guest’s own devices.


Customer Service

Best in Class

Staying connected allows you to better serve your guests. Text, push alert & live chat agent functions available.


Putting your hotel at your guest's fingertips
Fully Customizable App Interface
Tons of Features for Your Guests


Technology Options
We Use existing In-room Televisions
Guests can download onto their own devices

✔ Guests get easy access to learn about hotel amenities, book services, communicate with staff, order room service and much more.

✔ Guests get access to an exclusive Direct 2 Guest guide to local goods, services and entertainment.

✔ One source for accessing hotel information and booking hotels amenities.

✔ Special discounts from participating merchants.

✔ Hotels can offer an internet connected tablet in every guest room. Up sell rooms that are fitted with devices as a booking incentive.

✔ Enjoy optional phone capability – eliminating land line costs to hotel rooms.

✔ Encourage higher occupancy rates and growing loyal clientele.

✔ Replace the costly printed promotional materials in rooms that need to be updated periodically.

✔ Display and order/ book hotel services from the tablet.

✔ Promote higher client service awareness.

✔ Access to personalized products and service suggestions for users.

✔ Direct advertising to preferred customers.

✔ Increased sales and excellent return on advertising investment dollar through targeted placements.

✔ Access to detailed demographics and shopping habit information.

✔ Participation in joint promotions.


Guest Connect

GuestConnect is Direct2Guests’ software application that offers seamless integration with hotel services and sought after local insider information. This application can be accessed through in rooms televisions, dedicated in-room tablets or through a downloadable mobile application. Content includes such things as detailed hotel information and room service ordering – accessible by guests in the comfort of their room. Hotel guests enjoy the benefit of having hotel service information, local information and attractions integrated into one easy platform, while the hotel benefits from improved guest service satisfaction, increased hotel revenue and lower costs.

Direct2Guests Hotel App
POS Integration

‘Direct2Guests’ Hospitality Software integrates with Hotel POS systems to allow seamless ordering between the guest room and the hotel hospitality system. D2G is currently integrated with Squirrel POS systems – creating the first POS combined Squirrel Hotel App.  Integration with additional POS systems is possible.

Concierge at your Fingertips
Brand Loyalty
Encourages guests to make repeat bookings.
Breaks down communication barriers.
Group-wide Communication
Communicate promotions to all guests within the hotel group.
Optional Integration
Ability to integrate with your hotel POS
Marketing Tool
Allows hotel brand to capture key data from guests.
Content Management
A single cloud-based management platform.
Management Application
Fully customized user interface and user-flow in accordance to hotel’s brand guidelines.

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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Direct 2 Guests specializes in providing hotels with our proprietary “Guest Connect” app that offers seamless access to hotel services and sought after local information. The device features include in room dining menu and ordering, direct messaging with the front desk, information on hotel amenities and local activities – accessible by guests in the comfort of their room.



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A key feature in the Direct 2 Guests’ interactive platform is the Places Nearby tab that allows local businesses to reach Hotel guests through an easy to use and customizable advertising platform. The platform replaces traditional hit and miss brochures and media advertising by reaching hotel guests directly.

Benefits to Advertisers

✔ Positioned on televisions or tablets located in every room

✔ Direct advertising to ideal customers – local hotel guests

✔ Easy to use interface allowing businesses to update their, announce daily specials etc. – updates on platform instantly

This is a cost effective means to directly target the elusive hotel guest market when they are making spending decisions from the comfort of their hotel room or anywhere in the host city.