Direct2Guests, Hotel IPTV and Contactless Check-In

Revolutionizing the in-room hotel guest experience, one room at a time.

Our Products


Hotel IPTV System

D2G-Tv, hotel iptv system, is for both you and your guests. D2G-Tv not only revolutionizes the guest experience, but it also revolutionizes how you present your services to your guests. D2G-Tv allows you to present the totality of your hotel offerings right on your existing in-room televisions. Monetize your movie library, increase the rate of room service orders, push custom offers. Finally turn your in-room televisions into reliable revenue streams. 


Hotel Contactless Check-In

D2G-Ci is our answer to contactless check-in. More and more travelers are looking for ways they can check-in whilst minimizing contact with hotel staff. This can be either for health reasons or for just personal and finally for convenience purposes. D2G-Ci gives you the option of either managing the entire process through a mobile app or if you prefer not to use a mobile app the process can all be done through in-lobby kiosks. You know your hotel, let us know what works best for you.


Built in Hotel Analytics

D2G-Ai is the engine behind everything. This is what provides you with your data from these applications in order for you to be able to make informed decisions on the fly. One of the truly amazing things about D2G-Tv and D2G-Ci is it allows you to see data you previously never had access to, how many people are looking at the hamburger on the menu as opposed to buying it for example. Real data, real action. Contact us today for more information.

Hospitality by the Numbers

1 %
of travelers

Want a hotel with contactless

1 %
of travelers

Prefer to use their cellular phone as a key to their room.

1 %
of travelers

Enjoy to interacting with hotel staff digitally.


Sean Lazenby the Head of IT at Direct2Guests

Sean Lazenby

Head of IT

Sean is also one of the co-founders of Direct2Guests. Sean spends his days figuring out how to make our already amazing products even better. Sean's favourite part about working at Direct2Guests is the constant opportunities to solve problems. He also loves working with the rest of the leadership team!

A round picture of Sarah Aznar the Head of Marketing at Direct2Guests

Sarah Aznar

Head of Sales and Marketing

Sarah leads up our marketing efforts at D2G. We can even thank Sarah for our product names, D2G-Tv, D2G-Ci, and D2G-Ai. Sarah is passionate about what she does and her favourite thing about working at Direct2Guests is getting to know more about both the tech and hospitality industries.


Design of Hotel IPTV System


We want users to feel like the software is part of their brand. Direct2guests has been carefully developed using our customers’ feedback, which ensures that our platform is easy-to-use and absolutely stunning to look at. This makes your clients happier and more engaged with your company. “Our Software, Your Branding.”

Creativity of D2G-Tv Hotel IPTV System


D2G is nothing if not creative. When we sit down and design a product we are required to think of the hotel guest, of the hotel owner, of the person who works in the hotel. We are pretty proud of ourselves for the creative solution we have brought to the market. When we setup your project you can expect that same creativity from the first day to the last day.

Hotel IPTV System Flexibility


Every hotel is different, everyone has different needs. It is exactly this that makes our job exciting. We will always find exciting new ways to overcome obstacles in your project. We look forward to figuring out whatever is we are going to have to figure out on your project.

Integration of D2G-Tv Hotel IPTV System


All of our products are able to integrate with most hotel systems. Whether its your property management system, your door locks, your POS. Where there is an SDK there is a way! Both our hotel IPTV system and hotel contactless check-in system are able to be integrated into most systems.

Direct2Guests Simplicity of Use and Design


Simplicity. Well, it’s simple right? Simplicity is a difficult thing to get right. We believe we have gotten this just right. Our software is easy to use, its intuitive. Guests walk into the room and immediately are introduced to all your hotel has to offer.

Hotel IPTV System Support


Our team members are big believers in the idea that people don’t expect nothing to go wrong when they start a project. Something inevitably always does. What truly separates the good companies from the average is how they handle things when they go wrong. We pride ourselves on our support.