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Sarah Aznar

5 Simple yet important things to observe in Direct2Guests' Company Culture

March 31, 2021

Our culture is a constant investment of not only our clients but also in ourselves. Direct2Guests puts clients satisfaction first by providing this type of work culture in our company:

  1. Communication - D2G allows it's staff to communicate openly about their needs, feelings and most especially their ideas. We respect our staff's opinion and always put what they have into consideration. We have a work environment where there is no judgement and sharing thoughts is very much welcomed.
  2. Freedom - D2G give employees the freedom to make choices that help them balance their work and life phases. We allow our staff to fail and make mistakes and learn to be better at their jobs. D2G gives their staff the option to act as the company's representative in external expectations and with our clients. We give our staff a balance of autonomy and accountability.
  3. Empowerment - D2G provides their staff with resources, opportunity, and motivation to do their work. We empower them by trusting them and their abilities. We do not micromanage as it limits our teams' capabilities to grow and it shows mistrust. We hire them because we trust them and we are merely there to support and provide them with tools to do their jobs properly.
  4. Care - D2G cultivates a workplace of care. We take the time to get to know our staff to build a working relationship with them and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to work together and help one another to improve our skills. D2G also provides training for employees to expand their skillset and grow in their respective careers. We celebrate our staff's success and treat them as our own, we praise them and reward them to show how much they are of value to us.
  5. Respect - D2G treats its staff the way we want to be treated and that is with the utmost respect. Respect is key in creating a healthy work environment. We are human to each other and treat one another with respect and understanding. Being respected and valued promotes a positive work culture thus allowing staff to perform better at their work.

Direct2Guests continuously treats their staff like family. We nurture one another and grow together as one to be the best in the industry.

About Direct2Guests

Direct2Guests is a hospitality software company. Our main products are D2G-TV which puts all of your hotel services onto your existing in-room televisions and D2G-Ci which allows contactless check in and out for your hotel guests.
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