D2G-Ci, Hotel Contactless Check-In

Your key to a safer guest experience.

What is D2G-Ci?

The hotel industry has evolved towards a ‘new normal’ of operating with completely different sets of health and safety protocols. The needs and wants of guests has changed — today people book a stay at a hotel, not only based on room rates but also based on their health and safety protocols. Contactless check-in technologies allow your guests, who desire to have a contactless arrival experience, bypass the front desk and go to their rooms directly. Guests can check-in, choose their room, access their room, and check-out with limited human interaction.

Profit Center

D2G-Ci is designed to not only streamline your check-in process, but also to make you money along the way. During the check-in process D2G-Ci will suggest relevant add-ons and upgrades to your incoming guests which they can approve right from the kiosk!


D2G-Ci is multilingual. This means no more headaches trying to check-in guests who don’t speak your language. Guests are able to do the entire check-in procedure at one of the in-lobby kiosks in their own language. D2G-Ci supports over 60 languages including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.


D2G-Ci manages the entire process of checking your guests in and out. From the first moment your pms is made aware of the booking, to the time the guest shows up at the hotel, and has D2G-Ci encode their door card. D2G-Ci also handles the check-out process.


D2G-Ci able to integrate with most major PMS providers and key card manufacturers. As part of any project we tackle the integration for you as we have years of experience in the field. Lets us know who your PMS provider is when we speak and we will look into it immediately.

How does D2G-Ci Work?

  1. Guest uses the QR code to confirm their reservation.
  2. Selects the language and logs into reservation.
  3. Scans identity documents and confirms terms and agreements with hotel.
  4. Make a payment by credit card or QR code (if guests have already paid in advance, payment is not required).
  5. The guest will receive a hotel key or hotel card for the rooms in the reservation.
D2G-Ci, Contactless Checkin System Kiosk

D2G-Ci, In Action!

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