D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System

D2G-Tv, Hospitality IPTV

Hotel IPTV System

D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System is packed with tons of features. Thus, allowing guests to order room service, request housekeeping and purchase hotel features like massages or tours. Meanwhile our system is designed to provide you and your guests with a seamless experience and a range of unique features. In addition, our Hotel IPTV system, combined with the built in hotel IPTV server; turn the idea of televisions in rooms being cost centers; into them being profit centers. Most importantly, the features in D2G-Tv open up several other revenue streams that wouldn’t otherwise exist

In addition to your guests being happy you and your stakeholders will also be thrilled with all the different ways you can monetize your in-room televisions. Firstly, guests can order room service. Secondly, you can charge for Video on Demand content. Thirdly, you can dynamically change your menu to push today’s special, you can run analytics reports to see how menu items compare to other items, you can send broadcast messages to every television in your property. The possibilities are endless.

D2G-Tv, using a gorgeous interface puts all your hotel services on the guest screen.

Hotel Services

D2G-Tv Hotel IPTV brings all of your hospitality offerings to your guests’ TV Screen, 24/7 available, easy to understand multi-language interface increases the order rate of your food services, hotel products, excursions and tours. Above all, easy to setup and modify without any complicated coding or development.

Hotel IPTV System

Full Featured, Hotel IPTV System

Perfect to keep your guests entertained any time of the day. From local sightseeing information, excursions available to booking spa packages. Also, offer the latest HD movies, our VOD function allows you to monetize in-room entertainment. You can either offer movies, generate profit, or allow your guests to view them for free.

IPTV Content Management System screen.


The backoffice dashboard for our Hotel IPTV System, D2G-Tv Feature-rich content management system allows the hotel to bring all new guest offers and services to the TV screens instantly – without expensive technical support or development – from new room service options, through special promotions to 3rd party offers.

Features Galore

On Screen welcome letter.

Welcome Letter

D2G-Tv Hotel IPTV system’s home screen with welcome letter. Tailored to your hotels brand – give your guests direct access to all of your hotel’s services and offers, right from their own room. Personalize a welcome message for all guests to see when they turn on the TV.

Interactive Hotel IPTV System

Hospitality TV

Easy to navigate interface with direct access to making restaurant or spa reservations, in-room dining, video on demand, my bill and all other products and services offered. Best of all you can offer video on demand to your hotel guests.

Guest bill via PMS Integration right on the in-room tv screen.


Guest’s bill as integrated with the hotel PMS for D2G-Tv Hotel IPTV System
Using the My Bill function guests can check their bill on an ongoing basis and see what they spent where. When it’s time for the guest to leave the guest can simply check out using the television in their room.

Hotel IPTV System Guest Messaging Feature


Stay connected to your guests – scan the QR Code on screen to text, push alert and live chat for any inquires they may have. Because of how this is set up, your guests are able to use the chat function from their own devices whether or not they are at the property.

Housekeeping request for D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System


A dedicated housekeeping screen gives your guests the ability to make housekeeping requests, or report things they need help with in the room. The functionality also exists wherein your guests can cancel housekeeping, either for their entire stay or just one night.

D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System In-Room dining screen

Room Service

D2G-Tv allows your guests to order any of your room service offerings right from the comfort of their television screen. The menu items can either be pulled straight from your POS or if you prefer can be set up seperately. The best part if you can run reports at anytime to see how your menu items are performing.

D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV, In Action