Written by
Sarah Aznar

Direct2Guests Vision for Growth 2022

February 28, 2021

Welcome to October 21st, 2022, where Direct2Guests is the number one Local IPTV Provider in the Philippines. Providing IPTV software to hundreds of Luxury hotel rooms all over the Philippines. It all started with a vision to create an IPTV software to enable guests to maximize their hotel experience, but we've expanded into providing Hotel Technology that is relevant and timely to the needs of guests during the pandemic.

Hotels lean on us for support to help minimize costs on advertising and staffing and in turn maximizing their revenue. We have built the best team of software developers who use their creative minds to create our clients vision on branding and marketing their products in the best possible way.

Our work is built on sustainable relationships with our clients because we continue to provide them with the best service at an affordable price. Direct2Guests takes pride in it's continuous growth and innovation to provide one thing: Customer Satisfaction. We have dedicated all our efforts into not only giving the quality service our customer deserves but also to do it in a way where it is aligned with our core values and vision.

About Direct2Guests

Direct2Guests is a hospitality software company. Our main products are D2G-TV which puts all of your hotel services onto your existing in-room televisions and D2G-Ci which allows contactless check in and out for your hotel guests.
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