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Hotel IPTV System Technical Questions

March 30, 2021

The number one question IT People have for us at Direct2Guests is whether our Hotel IPTV System, D2G-Tv will work on their network, or what is required internally for our hotel iptv system to work. There are also several misunderstandings we face in speaking to potential clients about our system.

How We Make the D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System Stable

Hotel networks are complicated touchy things and it feels counterintuitive that we would be able to stream video over your network to all of your rooms. There are a few reasons we are able to make this work.

H.265 Compression

Our Hotel IPTV System uses only H.265 compression to stream the video over your network. H.265 compresses the video steam resulting in a minimal network footprint per stream. H.265 uses about 30% less network data than the previous H.264.

Everything is Local

When hotel IT directors hear streaming video they rightfully think about the cost of band-width. We have built D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System with exactly this in mind. It is for this reason we stage everything local and insure the video streams only stream over your local network. In the event there are streams coming from outside your network, which is an option we offer, we use strategies such as multiplexing and compression to minimize the bandwidth load.

Most Modern Local Area Networks are Gigabit

It is more and more common these days for local area networks to have gigabit speeds. Given our average stream represents less than 1MB/s in network traffic there is zero problem streaming video over the local network. We understand there maybe some remaining bottlenecks in your network and we will work with you to find those bottlenecks and rectify them.

Works Even If Your Internet Connection Fails

In the event your internet connection in the hotel stops working our system is designed to continue working. The way we do this is we stage everything local, on your network. As long as your local area network is up and running our software will continue to run, your guests can continue to watch television and movies, and your kitchen can continue to receive and confirm food and drink orders.

D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System Is Dependable

We understand you want a solution that solves problems, not causes new ones. We have built D2G-Tv, Hotel IPTV System to be stable and to operate 24/7/365. Sadly, sometimes things go wrong, however; when they do we fix them. Our mottos is "If we build it we fix it".

For more information contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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