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Windows 11: Fresh New Look, but Is It Enough of an Upgrade?

September 9, 2022

Microsoft is still releasing updates for Windows 10. However, the free upgrade service should last at least one year since the first release date of Windows 11 . You can continue to pay attention to the latest news from Microsoft to get the latest information. The user suspects that if he/she click the Decline Upgrade link on the interface, he/she gives up the free right to the Windows 11 upgrade.

Windows 10 AAD groups to upgrade Windows 10 devices to Windows 11 operating system. Search and select the AAD Device Group – Devices in that group will get upgraded to Windows 11. I have seen many tweets from Aria to emphasize the message that your managed devices will NOT automatically upgrade to Windows11. After installation is completed, you will be presented with the new Windows 11 OOBE screen. Nothing – Everything will be deleted; Settings, files, and apps. Paste it into the box required, and press Enter to install the device driver.

Uninstalling specific updates (computer does not fully boot into Windows)

Press the Command + Space keys on the keyboard and it will open the Spotlight search window for you. Type Activity Monitor and press the Enter key when it is highlighted. Press the Option key on the keyboard or use right-click on the application present in the dock. As there are several methods to carry out the task, we have explained every method in detail to help you fix the issue on your Mac. This will Force Quit the unresponsive program on your computer. Whenever a Program becomes unresponsive in Windows 10, you may see a message reading “The program is not responding”.

  • After installation, you should be seeing a warning message instead of a rejection message.
  • It breaks down how much memory space you will need for the update and reiterates the various system requirements.
  • Also, keep in mind that Microsoft doesn’t stop numbering your screenshots higher, even if you delete some of them.
  • It could get better with time, so we can’t say this particular thing is a huge issue with Windows 11 yet.

Launch Microsoft Edge and open the web page that you want to take a screenshot of to use this feature. Click on the “three-dot (…)” icon at the top right of Microsoft Edge. If you want to add a little trickery while taking your screenshots, or perhaps you want to look cool while doing it, the Xbox game bar should be your go-to. Primarily designed to screen record game clips on Windows PCs, the game bar was introduced with Windows 10, and it also comes preinstalled in Windows 11.

Having all these options in one panel makes the UX feel much less cluttered and convoluted, which is the whole point of Windows 11. I really like this new Quick Settings panel, as you can now configure things like Wi-Fi without being sent into the Settings app first. Some of the toggles have additional menus that let you configure them directly within the Quick Settings panel, which keeps you in your flow and doesn't get in the way of your currently open app.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro: Remote Desktop Connection

There's even an estimated installation time for Windows Update, so you can see whether you need to hold off from updating your PC until later in the day. You may want to have the best of both worlds sometime, especially if your day job involves running both operating systems. However, there is a way to upgrade to Windows 11 without TPM 2.0, but this should only be done by people who are really desperate to run Windows 11 despite not meeting the system requirements. Some people have found that they are unable to install Windows 11 due to the requirement for PCs to have TPM 2.0 support. If that's the way you want to install the operating system, then check out our guide on how to download the Windows 11 ISO for more advice.


The screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder under This PC. Hold down the Windows logo in the front of the device and then push the volume-down button. The screen will dim briefly as the screen is recorded and saved to the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library under This PC. It is very easy to take Screenshots on Windows 10 or Mac as long as you comply with the previously explained methods. After making the Screenshot, you will be free to paste the image into Paint or similar programs.

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